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If it ain’t BBQ. It ain’t food.


Put some South in your mouth

We love BBQ and we make it so that once you’ve had it you will never forget it, our BBQ is made with love and smoke using real wood for up to 16hrs.

We’ve eaten bad BBQ so many times it makes me cry. Living in London my whole young life and having a great passion for real BBQ, We witnessed the growth of Soul food, BBQ, and American Diners becoming real popular with more investment pouring in but it brought in some bad BBQ over time cheating techniques and cheap cuts of meat were introduced and the corporate hat replaces the love for good BBQ.

Street Kings mission statement is to never be that business we will continue to to create good BBQ even if the profit isn’t as good as knocking out a cheap banger in a roll, we love good food and we went to share.


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What we offer


weddings & Parties

We will bring your Parties to life with our food, Full American Smoked BBQ at your wedding that will defiantly make it a day you will never forget.


festivals & events

If your holding an event and you want more than burgers and dogs give us a shout we will bring the south to your mouth.


corporate events

Fancy impressing at a corporate event give us a call, let us help you get your customer base on side with the best food they’ve ever tasted.


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A smokin’ taste experience like nothing else
— Sebastian - Whitstable, Kent