It all started when…

In the back garden thats where it all happened, I bought my first Coal BBQ Grill 20 years ago, a few years later I bought a small smoker and my world changed, I smoked ribs every weekend, smoked cornbread, with mac and cheese, mash potato, corn on the cob, and wicked beans.

Ever since I smoked my first rack of ribs I haven’t looked back, I even BBQ’d our christmas dinner I had no complaints.

It all changed when the Mrs decided that working in an office was getting too much for me, an bought me a Fornetto Smoker for my Birthday, a few months later we bought a van cooked a load of food gather some close family and friends, who encourage us to take the leap - we have had nothing but praise so it was decided leave the 9 to 5 and hit the street bringing good homemade BBQ to Whitstable and anyone that visits.

We hope to see you guys out there, if you hit us with the line “It aint food, if it ain’t BBQ” when you first see us we’ll give you a rack of ribs on the house- so to speak.