Questions?… here’s some answers

Q: Where is the meat from?

A: Our meat is sourced from local farmers in Kent, on the odd occasion when we want brisket in our lives we will order from the states due to the greater fat content to give us juicy succulent smoked brisket.


A: I have always liked cooking under real fire whether thats wood or coal, it gives a completely different dynamic to the cooking and adds a flavour that cannot be replicated in any other way.

Q: Why a van and not a resturant?

A: The simple answer to this is money, I would love to have a restaurant where I could serve good food in a place which has a great family feel to it, but I think the van will give us the experience we need before opening a restaurant.

Q: if you had a RESTAURANT what theme would you have?

A: Great Question, My two passions in life are Barbecue and Cars, I love cars modern and classic, If I opened a restaurant it would have to be themed around classic cars like the Mustang, Ferrari 250 GTO, and car likes the MGA, I would love to host car meets and serve great barbecue to my car loving brothers and sisters.